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Everything you need to use financial and personal government data to power commercial decisioning at the lowest rates.

automate affodability checks mercury enriched financial apis 1

_Affordability API

Make smarter credit decisions using historic consumer financial behaviour & A.I to determine affordability.

income api income verification api for kyc aml affordability mercury enriched 1

_Income API

Minimise credit risk by using our _Income API to verify consumer employment income and use that income for credit decisioning.

identity verification automate KYC AML processes mercury enriched financial apis 1

_Identity API

Instantly verify consumer identity using financial data that has already been through ridged KYC & AML checks.

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Smarter Commercial Decisions for Every Industry

Onboard customers in seconds and securely access account information. Say goodbye to manual form-filling and accelerate your AML and KYC processes.

Consumer Lending

Stay compliant & instantly verify income and affordability.


Instantly verify historical employment.

Real Estate

Instantly verify affordability & applicant income.

  "customer_key": "wCx9mJ8nz1zr5AtB",
  "name": "john doe",
  "auth_type": "AFFORDABILITY",
  "account_id": "56c7b029e0f8ec5a2334fb0ffc2ffacz",
  "liability_value": 1000

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