_iEnrich makes it effortless for our clients to proactively monitor portfolio companies - reducing commercial credit risk in real-time.

The economic environment for businesses with physical retail, leisure & hospitality locations has never been more volatile.

One minute a business could be thriving, the next seriously struggling due to COVID and changes in consumer spending trends.

Mercury Enriched discovered that our commercial lending clients do not have all the necessary tools to optimise their lending book for in such a volatile economic climate.

  • CATO – Only provides clients with data that is frequently up to 90 days from the current date (data latency)
  • CRAs – Only provide clients with data frequently up to 30 days from the current date (data latency)
  • Companies House – Only provides clients with accounts covering previous trading history & retrospective voluntary wind-up notices (data latency)
  • Businesses Owner Updates – Owners usually only contact commercial lenders once they have exhausted all other financing options & can no longer meet their repayment commitments (data latency)

All of the above options are perfect examples of data latency, allowing lenders to only be reactive & not proactive.

In a data driven world, Mercury Enriched believes there is no reason why our clients should not have access to real-time business performance data.

_iEnrich uses AI to analyse commercial & consumer location and financial data, alerting clients immediately, when a business in their credit portfolio has operational changes that may impact their revenue earning potential.

With Mercury Enrich we empower clients to never lend to failing retail, leisure & hospitality businesses.

_iEnrich is the most accurate way for clients to monitor the real-time performance of individual businesses with physical trading locations.

We enable the automated monitoring of business so you know in real-time if a business:

  • Has temporarily or permanently ceased trading
  • Reduced or increased revenue generating trading hours
  • Has fluctuations in footfall or consumer popularity

This allows our clients to build a real-time data-driven profile of business health. Individual business health today, not in 30 or 90 days as with CATO, CRAs or Companies House data.

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Why Clients use _iEnrich API?

Built on top of best of class AI harvesting a wealth of commercial & consumer location data, _iEnrich API provides clients with an effortless and automated way to monitor the operations of credit portfolio businesses.

Reduce Credit Risk

Dramatically reduce credit risk by having an instant accurate snapshot of the operational status of a business. _iEnrich API provides a definitive assessment of the current creditworthiness of a business.

Complete Global Coverage of Physical Business Locations

_iEnrich real-time business performance monitoring provides our clients with complete global coverage of physical business locations. Integrate _iEnrich once and have complete access to intelligent business performance monitoring data around the world.

Developer API-First – Build in Hours, Not Months or Years

Integrate _iEnrich into your post-acceptance decisioning flow within hours, giving your business access to real-time business operational monitoring data with minimal technical financial & time resource.

Seamless Automated Business Monitoring

Focus on building great products, not maintaining your infrastructure. Our systems are built for scale and operate with 99.9% uptime.

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Enabling Proactive On-Going Credit Decisioning

Designed specifically to allow commercial lenders to operate increasing profitable lending portfolios, _iEnrich intelligently harvests location & operational data to dramatically reduce credit risk, crushing bad debt.

Eliminate The Risk of Credit Flight

Dramatically reduce the risk of business owners drawing-down from commercial credit facilities prior to shutting down their business.

_iEnrich instantly alerts you when a business is encountering trading challenges and when they are about to cease trading from their current physical location.

Minimise Credit Risk

Proactively change the lending profile of a business the moment it experiences a reduction in trading hours or has temporary business closures. Never lend to a failing retail, leisure or hospitality business again.

Apply Proactive Lending Shadow Limits

With the instant business trading updates delivered by _iEnrich, our clients can proactive apply shadow limits to credit account to reduce the risk of credit flight.

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Build quickly, scale effortlessly and go-to-market in days not weeks using Mercury Enriched APIs.

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